What Kind Of Personal Injury Cases Does Your Firm Handle?

We handle all types of personal injury cases, including slip and falls, premise liability, auto accidents, medical malpractice, dog bites, nursing home neglect, and product liability.

What Factors Determine The Viability Of A Personal Injury Claim?

First, I always like to speak to the person I’m going to be representing to make sure that they’re the type of person I want to work with. It’s good to have a lot of documentation of what happened and what type of injuries resulted. Cases that aren’t going anywhere are ones where people wait a long time and all the documentation is lost. There are no witnesses and it makes it extremely tough for a lawyer to go back in time and try to recreate everything.

How Important Is Evidence And Witnesses In A Personal Injury Claim?

It’s very important to have evidence in a personal injury claim. If you bring a personal injury claim, you have to prove by a preponderance of the evidence that whoever you’re seeking redress from has caused injury to you. It helps to have witnesses. I use evidence in all facets of the case, whether it be negotiating with insurance companies or going to trial to prove the case.

Why Is It Critical To Proactively Seek Medical Treatment For An Injury In A Personal Injury Claim?

I would recommend that someone immediately seek medical treatment because of the possible health consequences of not doing so. Many times, when someone is hurt, they don’t feel it right away. It is always important to seek medical treatment immediately. Waiting too long certainly diminishes the possibility of proving causation, meaning showing that whoever you’re saying harmed you caused the pain that you’re feeling. You’d much rather be able to show that you were treated for the injury soon after the accident.

Can I Even Afford An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney?

Personal injury attorneys typically do not charge people upfront. Any type of payment you make is going to be based on a percentage of what you make on the case and most attorneys don’t take a fee unless they win.

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