Federal Crimes

Federal Crimes Defense Attorney

Depending on the alleged offense, a state crime can be elevated to a federal crime. Federal laws are specific, and a technicality could find a defendant in federal court. 

You need a dedicated team to help you fight federal charges. In this situation, your accusations come from the U.S. government itself, not your state. 

Our firm is here to help defend you against federal crime allegations. We understand the specifics of federal law, and we can build a case to help preserve your freedom. Our firm is not intimidated by the power of a federal prosecutor. We know that evidence and good defense speak for themselves, regardless of who makes the accusation.

If you’ve been charged with a federal crime, contact our lawyer right away for help. Call our office at (337) 201-9119 today.

Multi-Territory Federal Crimes

Sometimes the crime itself is not a federal violation. If, however, this crime occurs across multiple states, it can be elevated to federal status. For example, illegal goods can cross state lines, which draws federal attention to the crime.

Violation of Federal Statute

The federal government has various law enforcement agencies. Organizations such as the FBI, DEA, Homeland Security, and ATF charge individuals with breaking federal law, and the United States Attorney’s Office prosecutes such offenses. Federal crimes include drug offenses, firearm offenses, financial crimes, and many others. 

Crimes Against the Government

This is a broad term that could encompass many crimes. For instance, if someone commits identity fraud against a government worker, this could be interpreted as a crime against the government. Other examples include hacking into a government computer or security system. Conspiracies to overthrow the government also fall into this category.

Crimes On or Against Federal Property

The location of a crime could elevate the charges. For instance, vandalism is traditionally a state matter. If, however, someone vandalized federal property, they could be charged in federal court. Similarly, a mugging or an assault committed on federal land may go to federal court.

Crimes Against Federal Personnel

Depending on the status of the victim, a crime against them could be elevated to federal status. For instance, someone could find themselves in federal court for assault against a federal employee. 

Charges like these often involve federal officers. In these cases, the prosecution must often prove “intentional harm.” This means that the alleged criminal wanted to inflict pain or damage onto the victim.

Our Firm Is Here to Help

Federal courts should, in theory, operate like any other. The only difference is in who makes the accusation. Normally, the state accuses someone of a crime, resulting in state penalties. Incarceration takes place in state facilities.

In federal court, the United States government makes the accusation. Federal penalties are often more severe than state penalties, and incarceration takes place in federal prison.

None of these factors affect the rule of law. You have the right to a defense, and you are convicted only when your guilt is beyond a reasonable doubt. There is a defense against all criminal allegations. Going up against the government may be frightening, but rest assured that we will work to find holes in the prosecution’s case. If there is any doubt in your case, we can exploit that doubt to help you retain your innocence.

We will approach your case on an individual level. Our strategy is flexible and tailor-made for each client. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to your defense. Our team will scrutinize the prosecution’s evidence and counter it with our own evidence, witnesses, testimonies, and so on.

If you’ve been accused of a federal crime, let our lawyer help. Our goal is to calm your fears while we present a strong defense in your case. You can reach out to us online or call us now at (337) 201-9119.

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