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Rights are valuable — in the absence of rights, there can be no justice. A serious personal injury can impede upon you or a loved one’s right to a decent quality of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. While other times, the criminal justice system, law enforcement, and prosecutors, may undercut your rights entitled to you by federal and state laws. In the cases the Precht Law Firm takes on, we relentlessly advocate for the protection of our client’s rights in every capacity.

Based in Lafayette, Louisiana, our firm provides legal services for clients in the entire state in matters involving criminal defense, DUI, personal injury, and general civil litigation. The outcomes of the cases we handle will have a lasting impact on your life. The right defense attorney in Lafayette, LA, can make all the difference when it comes to achieving a favorable outcome. When you’re stuck in a bad situation or don’t know where to turn, we can work with you to solve your legal issues. Contact us today!

Attentive & Timely Service: Time is of the essence in the cases we handle, so we make sure always to be accessible to our clients. To learn about all the ways we can help you, speak to a defense attorney at our firm. We’ll give you our thoughts about your case for free with no obligation.

Dedicated Defense Attorney: Protect your rights with a dedicated defense attorney in Lafayette, LA. If you hope to achieve success in the courtroom, you need the right lawyer to represent you. That’s why we’re here to fight for your rights whenever you need us. We understand how intimidating it is to be faced with a personal injury or a criminal charge. Our attorneys will stay by your side and help you navigate this complex process. At the Precht Law Firm, we possess the knowledge and expertise to provide you with comprehensive legal counsel and ensure you understand the options available to you. We take a personal approach on all our consultations, where we’ll discuss the case closely with you to determine the best way to proceed.

Unparalleled Criminal Defense: If you’ve been charged with a crime, you can count on us for effective criminal defense. We’ll make sure every fact is presented accurately and that you receive a fair trial. There is no case too big or small for our firm. We’re dedicated to seeing you succeed. With so many options available for personal injury and criminal defense attorneys, it just makes sense to rely on the skills of our trusted team. Every client is valuable to us, regardless of their gender, race, or background. As an American citizen, you have rights, and we’ll ensure those rights are protected. Contact us for a consultation with an experienced defense attorney. We proudly serve clients in Lafayette, Louisiana, and the surrounding areas.

Frequently Asked Criminal Defense Questions

Researching your own legal concerns is an important way to develop a base of knowledge of what you’re up against, but your questions about criminal defense strategies and the consequences of a possible criminal conviction deserve the professional attention of an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Lafayette, LA. Contact a reputable criminal defense attorney right away, if you’ve been charged with a crime or suspect that you may be charged. An attorney will answer all your questions about your criminal case and start building a defense strategy right away.

What should I do after I’m arrested?

If you have been arrested, remain silent. Even if you are innocent and you believe that you can explain the situation, any statements you make without first consulting with an experienced Lafayette criminal defense attorney can damage your ability to win your case in Louisiana. It is your constitutional right to have the attorney of your choice with you during police questioning. Call a reputable criminal defense attorney and he or she will be able to ensure that you truly understand all of the criminal charges you might face and how to proceed with a defense.

What is the difference between misdemeanor charges and felony charges?

The most concerning difference between a felony criminal charge and a misdemeanor criminal charge is the severity of the possible consequences. Conviction of a felony means possibly serving time in a state prison. Any time incarcerated for a misdemeanor charge is served in a local jail. The jail sentence for a misdemeanor cannot be more than one year.

Do criminal defense attorneys give free consultations?

The law office of each criminal defense attorney in Lafayette, LA has its own specific policy when it comes to offering clients consultations and case evaluations. The question of legal fees and payment structures should always be discussed before working with an attorney on any kind of case.

Can my criminal case be settled without having a trial?

The vast majority of cases in Louisiana, criminal or otherwise, settle before ever making it to trial. Your Lafayette criminal defense lawyer will consider all of the possible scenarios for your case and then advise you as to whether any type of plea agreement is in your best interest or not. If your criminal case does go to trial, your attorney’s experience and skill will work in your favor.

I’m only facing a misdemeanor or traffic violation. Should I just plead guilty?

You should never plead guilty to a criminal or traffic charge in Louisiana without speaking to a criminal defense attorney, who can inform you about all of the potential consequences that a criminal conviction might have on you, your loved ones, and your future. Even a simple traffic citation can cause your car insurance rates to become higher and add points to your driving record, which will cause you problems later. The direct and indirect consequences of a misdemeanor or traffic violation conviction can far exceed the cost of engaging a qualified criminal defense attorney.

Is only attempting to commit a crime illegal?

A person who intends to commit a crime and takes real steps toward committing that crime, but fails to actually complete the crime, can be found guilty of a separate crime of attempt. However, an act of preparation that is far off from the completed criminal act will not generally be significant enough to sustain a criminal attempt charge.

What is the grand jury in a criminal case?

The United States Constitution requires the federal government to gather a grand jury to officially decide whether or not charging an individual with a major crime is appropriate. As a criminal justice practice that began in England, the grand jury reviews the evidence against the person and may hear testimony when deciding whether to indict or not. The grand jury does not decide the accused individual’s guilt or innocence. Another purpose of the grand jury, traditionally, is to act as a buffer between the prosecuting attorney and the person charged with a crime. Every state in America uses the grand jury system.

Why Choose Us

We understand that you have countless options at your disposal when it comes to combating legal issues. With this in mind, we pride ourselves on standing out from the pack. As a client-focused law firm, we go above and beyond to fight for your rights and give you the cogent, individualized guidance your deserve.

And thanks to our wide-ranging practice areas and legal experience, we’re equipped to handle a variety of cases. Whether you’re facing criminal charges or suffering from the aftermath of a serious accident, our team is by your side and here to help. We always look out for your best interests and stop at nothing to seek out the most reasonable resolution for your situation.

Client Testimonials

“Jordan Precht represented me, after a few phone calls, and a pre trial meeting the man honestly saved me. He went above and beyond to do everything possible for a better outcome. I also watched him represent several other individuals and it was shown by the look in his eyes he is passionate for the people not the paycheck. I highly recommend Jordan to the fullest. He has my full support in any future endeavors, and I can’t wait to see a long successful career for he and his family.”

Austin R.
Can I file a claim if I was partially responsible for the incident that caused my injuries?

Louisiana subscribes to a pure comparative fault rule when assessing personal injury claims. Even if you were 99% at fault for the incident which caused your injuries, you are still entitled to recover for that one percent of damages that have been attributed to the negligence of the other side. Deciding how much of the fault will be assigned to each side is a complex duty that will be left up to the jury, if your case goes all the way to a trial. An experienced Louisiana personal injury attorney will be able to advise you on whether your claim is likely to succeed and expertly guide you through each and every stage of your personal injury claim or lawsuit.

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