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Title IX Violations Attorney

Title IX is a law that protects people from sex- and gender-based discrimination. This includes people in the LGBTQ+ community. The law applies to federally funded institutions such as schools, universities, libraries, museums, and more.

In our rapidly changing society, there has been much pushback against some of these protections, particularly for those who don’t conform to traditional gender representation. Presidential administrations have added, removed, and re-added transgender protections to Title IX. At this point, an organization could easily break a Title IX provision on accident.

Moreover, accusers can file Title IX accusations against an individual. This is often the case with college campus sexual misconduct allegations. Penalties can include anything from financial restitution to expulsion. If someone is found guilty of Title IX misconduct, this evidence could be used against them in a criminal or civil charge as well.

Our team can evaluate your situation, and we can help defend you against Title IX violation allegations. We use a flexible, personal touch, and we tailor each case to a client’s needs. With rigor, we will work to help free you of false, unfair accusations.

Fill out our online contact form today if you’ve been accused of breaking Title IX regulations. Our attorney can help you decide how to move forward.

How Title IX Works

Any organization that receives federal funding must adhere to Title IX standards. This includes educational facilities, which encompass everything from schools to museums. 

Title IX helps ensure full participation for people, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. Athletics, for instance, must be available to all of a school’s or university’s students. 

These days, athletics are still split between male and female participants. Title IX does not ensure that a man can participate in a woman’s sport or vice versa. It does, however, force schools to have a reasonable alternative. Therefore, if a school has a boys’ baseball team, it should also have a girls’ softball team or another viable equivalent.

Participation also means creating a safe environment for both students and workers. Campuses should be free from sexual harassment, discrimination, and so on.

  • Example of Title IX Violations Retaliation
    When someone files a Title IX complaint, the facility cannot retaliate against them. Retaliation is a separate accusation from the original complaint. An accuser who does not receive the outcome they desire could file a claim of retaliation, so it’s best to let us help you handle your case properly the first time.
  • Sexual Harassment and/or Assault
    This provision applies to anyone using the facility or campus. Therefore, harassment or assault between students qualifies.
  • Discrimination Based on Pregnancy
    Pregnancy is a sex-specific process, and it is therefore protected under Title IX. Campuses, particularly high schools and middle schools, are often accused of singling out pregnant students.
  • Unequal Access for Students and Workers
    This includes athletic programs.
  • Bullying Based on Sex, Sexual Orientation, or Gender

How Our Firm Can Help

We have years of experience defending clients against misguided accusations. With knowledge and experience, we can help you navigate the tricky Title IX landscape. 

We are here to help defend organizations against Title IX accusations. An organization will face an investigation from the OCR, the Office of Civil Rights. We can help prepare you for these investigations. If the OCR concludes that you have violated Title IX, it may require a resolution to the alleged problem. We can help you argue for a fair, reasonable outcome if necessary.

Our firm can also help protect individuals accused of Title IX violations. Most often, these will be allegations of sexual misconduct on college campuses. We can investigate both the claims against you and the person making these claims. Our team is thorough, and we can securitize the evidence against you, search your accuser’s social media accounts, seek witnesses in your defense, and more.

Each school handles person-to-person Title IX claims differently. Some force students to represent themselves, and others allow outside representation. Whatever the case, our team will rise to the challenge. We can help prepare students to defend themselves, holding mock hearings and teaching clients how to handle tough questions. If we can represent you in a Title IX hearing, then our lawyer come in as a professional. We will treat the situation with the same urgency as any courtroom trial.

Our lawyer is here to help defend you against allegations of Title IX violations. For a free consultation, call us today at (337) 201-9119 or contact us online.

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