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Civil Litigation

A civil lawsuit can help you remedy many different legal issues you may be facing. Whether your issue is a dispute with your neighbor, attempting to collect a debt that is owed to you, or even lawsuits between businesses - you have options. If another person has violated your legal rights, you are entitled to file a civil lawsuit.

Rely on experienced civil litigation attorney, Jordan Precht at the Precht Law Firm, to file a civil lawsuit on your behalf. He will fight to get you the financial compensation you deserve.


A civil lawsuit is a legal action in which one party asserts that another party has caused some kind of harm that is recognized by the law. A lawsuit asks a court or a jury to provide a remedy to that harm, usually in the form of financial compensation.


If you think your legal rights have been violated by another person, you may be able to file a civil lawsuit to remedy that violation. All too often, people let violations of their rights just happen because they think nothing can be done about it.

The best way to know if you have a legitimate case is to talk to an experienced civil litigation attorney. You and your attorney can talk about the facts of your case, and you can get accurate legal advice about how to proceed and get the compensation you deserve.


If, after talking to your attorney, you both decide that a civil lawsuit is the right way to go, then you will start the process by filing a complaint. A complaint is a legal document that sets forth a short and simple statement of the facts of the case and the legal allegations you are bringing against the defendant. Once the complaint has been filed, the defendant must file an answer, which is a short reply to the allegations of the complaint.

After the answer is filed, the parties will participate in a process called "discovery," which is a legal term for the exchange of documents, questions, and information about the case. This is a time to learn the important details of the case in order to continue towards trial.

The parties may choose to settle the case at any time. In many lawsuits, you (with the help of your attorney) can negotiate an agreed amount that will settle the case without having to go to trial. This saves you both time and money while getting you fair compensation for your violated legal rights.


If the defendant refuses to fairly compensate you, you and your attorney can go forward with the lawsuit. How long the trial will take will depend on the facts of your case. At the trial, you will provide evidence that proves the defendant violated your legal rights, including witnesses, documents, or other evidence.

Your case will be decided by either a judge or jury, depending on whether you and your attorney request a jury or a judge to decide. Depending on the type of case, a judge versus a jury can make a difference.


There are a wide variety of different civil cases that can be filed, depending on the legal wrong you have suffered. You do not have to know which case is the proper one to file; your Louisiana civil litigation attorney will guide you through the process. The following are a few common examples of civil cases that occur.


Many cases are based on a debt that is owed to you by another person but has remained unpaid. When you are properly owed money, you can file a lawsuit to prove what is owed to you and to collect on the debt. In some cases, a lawsuit is not necessary, and an attorney can collect on a debt on your behalf.

  • Your attorney can help you collect the debt by
  • sending a formal demand letter,
  • garnishing wages,
  • entering a lien on a person's personal or real property, or
  • negotiate an agreed payment plan.


Owners of businesses inevitably end up in legal disputes with other businesses. Disputes by businesses usually require legal representation and can often be incredibly complex. Disputes between businesses may arise because of the following situations.

  • Breach of contractual agreements.
  • Dispute with a customer.
  • Breach of express or implied warranty action.
  • Failed delivery of goods.
  • Employment dispute with an employee.
  • Disputes between business owners.
  • Covenants not to compete.
  • Professional negligence claims.

Discovery in business litigation can often deal with a great number of documents and records. Review of all relevant records is important, and a skilled attorney knows what to look for to prove your case. With help, you can effectively prove your case and protect your rights as well as the rights of your business.


Your home is your sanctuary, and few things are more frustrating than getting into a dispute with your neighbor. Not only are you and your home in close proximity to them, constant run-ins are also likely. Disputes between neighbors can come in a variety of circumstances, including the following.

  • Boundary disputes concerning the yard or fences.
  • Disputes over new buildings or home additions.
  • Trespass actions.
  • Nuisance actions based on noise, foul smells, or unsanitary conditions.
  • Parking disputes.
  • Disputes with homeowner's associations.

While a dispute with a neighbor can be very frustrating, you do not have to face it alone. With the help of your attorney, you can rest assured that your rights are protected.


If your legal rights have been violated by another person or business, you may be entitled to significant financial compensation through a civil lawsuit. You can enter into the litigation process with confidence, knowing that your best interests are taken care of.

Experienced Louisiana personal injury attorney Jordan Precht at the Precht Law Firm can get you the compensation you deserve. Contact his office today.